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Professional Lawn and Garden Services

  • Improve the health of your plants

  • Make the back or front yard a lot more attractive

  • Free personal gardening tips

  • Prevent the damage to your plants or property

The Reliable Garden Maintenance in London

If you want to have more space in your backyard, to let a bit more sunlight in, to protect your plants from dangers (like pesky weeds and pests), or to protect your home from harmful plants, then you need a nice lawn and garden service.

How does it work?
You reach us, we come. Sometimes you might not be able to be on site, so all you need to do is give us access.
The team comes and inspect the condition of the garden. You will tell them what’s needed and what you want exactly. Share your vision and give the instructions. Then everything is discussed – time, specifics, when they will start.Then you will enjoy a fresh new garden!

About the gardening team:

  • They are all hard working people, wanting to make the world a better place… or at least the London gardens.
  • They come prepared with politeness, punctuality, knowledge, the right tools, the right set of skills and big smiles.
  • If you have any questions about the state of your yard, about plant maintenance or simply a bit of know-how, don’t be afraid to ask. Information will always be given.

Your overgrown backyard jungle will be dealt with professionality and transformed into a small paradise on Earth. You can get a discount on additional services such as window cleaning and waste removal and bring your home to an even cleaner state.

Pleased to Clean You Garden Maintenance Prices

Standart PricesWasteWeed Killer
First Hour£74up to 180l is freefrom £10
Second Hour£55up to 180l is freefrom £10

*Prices are subject to availability.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you provide soil, flowers and other?

A. If you give us information in advance, we will provide it.

Q. How about the weather? Is rain a problem?

A. Not a problem! Even the pouring rain can’t stop us! Well, except for lawn mowing and grass trimming. We recommend having the service when the grass is dry, as otherwise we may damage it.

Q. Do you maintain gardens on regular basis?

A. Regular garden maintenance is easily arranged. We can even send the same teams as before, just for your convenience.

Q. Do you need electricity?

A. Access to electricity is not needed. We use a petrol-powered equipment. But electricity, in general, is quite needed. We might need it only for patio pressure cleaning.

Q. What’s your coverage?

A. All of the London is completely covered. If you are outside M25 the price might change a bit, but give us a call and we will make a special deal just for you.

Q. Do you have insurance?

A. We do. We are completely insured.

Q. What If I can’t be at the property?

A. Just give us access and we will do the work. All the details could be taken care of in advance.

Q. When can you come?

A. We don’t have days off, so you can book us at any time you want. Depending on our schedules (we are busy bees), we can come the same day or the next days.

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